At the begining of the 20 century was decovered in Romanian a very important archaelogical complex, one of the most valuable antique Roman monuments from our territory. There are the ruins of the Tropaeum Traiani monument and the vestiges of the Tropaeum Traiani fortress, from Adamclisi village, Dobrogea.

On these places, in the winter of 101-102 there were great battles between Romans and Dacians alliend with the Sarmatians. The impressive monument, in circle form, was comanded by Traian emperor in 109. The fight scenes, showing the braveness of the Romans but also the heroims of the Dacians, were sculpted in bas-relieves on stone blocks (metopes), aroud the monument. Those images show the resamblance between the looking and the cloths of the paesants from mountains and hills from our country. All around the monument there are stone steps and up in the middle there is the statue of a soldier in armoure. Till our times was preserved only the central part, looking like a huge knoll of earth, and from the 54 metopes remaind only 49. Near the monument there are two more relics of this event: a mausoleum of a Roman officer who died in battle, and not far from that, the altar, raises also by Traian order, in the memory of the soldiers died during this battle.


Interrupting the monotony of the Dobrogea's plain, on a hill there are the ruins of the Tropaeum Traiani fortress, one of the biggest civil Roman settlement from Dobrogea. Built in the same years that the comemorative monument, in it lived those who after the battles settled down on this places. The fortress have had impressive public buildings, civil constructions, towers, defence walls from stone blocks, streets covered with stone and a canalisation system. Destroyed almost all in the second century, was rebuilt in the next century, but after a little while, it begins to decay, under the pression of the migratory people waves.